After all the talk, I have finally gone to the dark side to buy a car... its not a Holden, its not a V8 and it cant even hold the family... ITS A TOYOTA COROLLA???

A KE70 to be exact, bought from an old granny for $500, who got ripped off by Lube Mobile. And it comes with all the grandma spec options, 1.3L 4K, chrome door handles, tint, tow bar, busted drivers seat and stalls at lights, but all of that is gonna change soon! This car will be mod'd to drift, so watch this space!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No more stalling!

Solved the stalling issue. Looks like lube mobile didn't tighten the sparkies up fully and it was letting oil into the cylinders! So I've chucked some new NGK's in there and made sure it is all tight, new air filter, set intake to "winter" mode and filled the tank with some 98ron. As if by magic, the little 4k is running sweet (when she is warm neway). Well this should keep me running until the 4age is bought and fitted... I cant wait!

Silvia Spoiler On

Pics k...

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Springs and Seat!

The KE now has some new parts! Old dodgy springs are out and king springs have been added front and rear. These were in only an hour or so after buying it!.

It also has a new drivers seat. It's a CRX seat mounted on ae86 rails. After a bit of "persuasion" it was in fine and making the ride a whole lot more comfortable.

Thanks to Stomps from Bodgepro for the gear and the carton of beer that it cost for 'em.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Christening

It must be done...